And You May Say to Yourself: My God, What Have I Done

Work in Progress

At some point I need to buy my friend Eric Gurtner a bottle of Jagermeister for suggesting I use Sharpies.



Dear clay:

Thank you for your interest in R.......Mommies.com. We are a group of mothers who meet on and off line for the companionship of other R......-area mothers. We take pride in providing our members with a safe, confidential, fun place where we can meet other moms and share our experiences. We restrict our membership in order to achieve this goal.

We regret to inform you that your application has been denied because it does not appear from your registration that you are a mother. While we do acknowledge the important role fathers, family members, nannies and other child care professionals play in a child's life, this community has been created especially for mothers and only mothers are permitted membership.

If you feel we have made an error in denying your registration, please reply to this message. We receive a large volume of applications and prefer to err on the side of safety to protect our members.

Best Regards,

The Management Team