Well, actually this was shot last summer here in Richmond, and Arwen's a blond now apparently but yeah whatevs


Take Home

Even though I won't be at the opening tonight, I feel insanely nervous and proud. It doesn't feel like this event has anything to do with me. It's as if my children went off to perform a play in D.C. or something. I want to call these drawings, these misfit poems and birds, and tell them to be sure to stand up straight and smile when the people start coming through the door. I want to tell them not to be nervous because everyone will be sure to love them.

Final Pre-Opening Walkthrough

Again, I cannot thank my friend Alex enough for putting all of this together as well as his friends at The Front gallery for having me. I cried a little this morning out of sheer gratitude.


Birds and Rabbits

Grief for Wild Bill feels like Watership Down feels like the War of the Disease feels like Tattooed Single Dad at the Community Pool.





Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the position of Writer, Rxbxnxs School of Business at the University of XXXXXX. While your skills are certainly impressive, we have decided to pursue other candidates for the position.We appreciate your interest in the University and encourage you to check our web site at www.xxxjobs.org for future employment opportunities.

Best wishes,

Human Resource Services

Wild Bill

Somehow didn't make it.