Akhilles 5

When it hits it will be louder than anything you have ever heard. Guitars making the sound of an elephant being butchered, my love song to the world. Flung to the wind with the hope that one day it will come back to me. Come back to me. Hideous and recurrent, it is the reptile history behind the eye of a red-tailed hawk searching out what is hidden beneath the reeds in the stream. It is the injury I share with my seven year old son. A cycle--It is nobody's fault. Adaptive behavioral patterns formed repeat themselves, it the reason my head sounds like a slaughterhouse. It is recurrent:

8 Physics- A recurring series of operations in which heat is imparted to or taken from a substance, as in gas or other internal combustion engines, which by expansion or contraction gives out or stores up energy and is finally returned to it's original condition.

The only way to go against the will of God is to go alone.
The shattered family is a song in and of itself.

The only true way to sing the loss of the exile is without you.
Without you. Without you every morning I march to war.