Excerpt 2

...I was giving Henry a bath one night when I asked him if he remembered when I was very sick and had to go away to get better. He said he did remember. I told him that I was still sick and had to move out in order to get better. He asked me when was I coming back, would it be in a couple days? I said no. He asked would it be in a couple months or a year? I told him I wasn’t sure, but that I didn’t think I was coming back, but that I would get another house close by and that he could come stay with me whenever he wanted. That it was going to be like his friend Rowan, a mommy and daddy in two different houses, and he seemed okay with that. I promised him I would never be very far from him. It was sometime during the first week of April, 2008. I did my best not to cry when I explained this to him.