Sept 8

I wrote the following as a Facebook status:

The first stop today was a giant hulking wreck of a sycamore that hadn't even been cut yet. It was every bit of forty foot long and six foot around and it was all wet and green, green as a garden snake and vibrantly mottled like the way a sycamore does. Flinging various dismembered parts of it frightened me a little, like we were handling the carcass of a brontosaurus. I do believe I told it I was sorry that it had died.

To which my friend John Holland responded that he was expecting a "memoir of my time on the back of that truck" and that he was "dead effing serious." So I told him okay, I would do it.

So yeah, there you go. I'm going to try and write a book now and maybe even get it published. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for staying with me.