Bell Witch

--Lyrics from Rows (of Endless Waves)

-the last bit anyway

"if they would beach-you these waves of destruction-would only collapse you-and leave you to lie-on peasant tread landing-where you'd have a hand in-the death of a million-for only a lie-where strengthened you'd try-to torture the masses and sink them in chains to-this river enslaving that never runs dry-death wielding reach of re-humanized fingers-that grasp as they bludgeon-the helpless that writhe-if only to cry

if they would reach you-the stain of destruction-would flow on as endless from landing so wide-and battles would rage you-and war would not fail to-drain blood from the masses-and leave to lie where-death circles high-where plundered the buildings-and burning the forests-you'd rage drunk with power-and cripple the wise-so here we will leave you-on waves far from shore-fleshless and barren-these waves to enslave you-so your victims can rise"

Currently memorizing these so that I can sing them at the top of my lungs to my cat.